Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Fun: Part One

This is starting to look formulaic with me posting another thrifting expedition on Friday Fun. Except I'm cheating a little because my planned post isn't finished. So I'm posting images from my thrifting trip on Tuesday, which I didn't post on Wednesday due to Blogger not wanting to upload any photos for me. That hasn't changed, I'm still having to cheat that too.  Anyway, on Tuesday I had lunch and went thrifting with a friend and her lovely daughter, who came down from Santa Fe. Her daughter is six months old already and this is the first time I've seen her. She is baby that I made this little rabbit toy for, and she had it with her during the visit. As expected she is an adorable baby, and very calm and good natured. It was a good thrifting expedition. Here's what I found.

Brass bracelets, $3.50 for all four.
Suede bomber, $7.
Nubby burgundy/brown sweater coat.  Has a nice 70s vibe. $7.
My friend made out handily as well, scoring two Harris tweed blazers for her husband, several antique muslin baby shifts in perfect condition, a gorgeous Etienne Aiger trench coat in perfect condition (which I let her have even though it had the coolest lapels because I thought it was just a bit too narrow through the shoulders for me-- it was one of those thrift finds that are so great that you contemplate going on a crash diet just to be able to fit into), among other things.  It was a fun afternoon, even if it happened on Tuesday, not Friday.

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