Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Favorite Books: La Foce A Garden and Landscape in Tuscany

This is the second to last book that I'm going to feature for October's National Book Month.  I ordered this book online, sight unseen and was very happy when it arrived.  It was written as part of the Penn Studies in Landscape Architecture, from the University of Pennsylvania Press.  Penn has one of the best known departments of Landscape Architecture in the country, with faculty who are well known for both their scholarship and professional practices.  (i.e. Peter Latz whose firm designed Duisberg Nord, James Corner whose firm Field Operations is {partially} responsible for the internet's current favorite park, the High Line in New York, and more).

This book is composed of four parts, a historical overview, one hundred photographs, field notes and  study drawings taken from the notebook of Laurie Olin, and a history of the garden designed by Cecil Pinsent.  Additionally it includes a poster sized rendered site plan of the gardens.  For someone trained in landscape architecture such as myself, my favorite part are the pages from the sketchbook of landscape architect Laurie Olin.  Looking through artistic people's journals and sketchbooks is always fascinating, but especially so when they detail construction elements or planting details.  Any gardener or lover of Italy would enjoy this book.

La Foce: A Garden and Landscape in Tuscany, by Benedetta Origo, Morna Livingston, Laurie Olin and John Dixon Hunt.  © 2001, University of Pennsylvania Press; Philadelphia.

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