Friday, July 17, 2009

JCrew are you listening?

Why do I love JCrew so much?  I shouldn't as its a chain store that has no claims of sustainable manufacturing practices, wastes a huge amount of paper sending out catalogs left and right, and automatically subscribes me to its sister companies catalogs regardless of whether or not I'm interested.  So, what is the hook?   I don't know, but the mix of over the top costume jewelry with cashmere sweaters and boyfriend jeans just sums up the fashion philosophy that I've had for at least a decade-- wear whatever you want whenever you want, be it crystal earrings or flip-flops, but temper it to suit the occasion by mixing high and low.  If you wear fancy earrings to work, dress it down with a t-shirt under your blazer, or a funky thrift store blouse with jeans.  

Anyway, this morning while stalking a handbag that I'm lusting after,  I had what I think could be a brilliant money making idea for JCrew, (at least once the recession eases a little more)-- a subscription service to "Jenna's Picks".  Every season they could just send out Jenna's picks to each subscriber and automatically bill them.  I'll bet many a woman would sign up. Seriously, I would take every single item on her pick's for summer, conscientious spending be damned.  (You know, assuming I won the lottery).  They don't do this already do they?

And I don't even like jean jackets, but this one looks more like a really awesome shirt with a nipped in waist.  Do they imbed subliminal messages in the photos?  Seriously?  Or is Jenna Lyons just totally tapped into something?  (Aside-- Do you remember her house featured in Domino?  It was a little too dark for my personal taste, but definitely cool).

Or maybe I really just want to be at the beach, and all of those beachy pieces are just bringing that home.  Whatever it may be, JCrew-- if you implement this idea please give me a complimentary membership to the subscription list-- its the least you can do.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, to be wealthy.

While I watch Charlie Rose talk about the recession and America's current savings rate, I'm gathering images for a design board for my Mom's living room which I'm calling Worldly Modern.  In doing so, I came across this gorgeous Art Deco Chinese Carpet on 1st Dibs.

Love it, love it, love it.  I'd be willing to put that rug anywhere in my home, even if it meant completely throwing out everything else I own.  Liked these red lacquered cabinets too.