Sunday, April 17, 2011

Industrious Weekend

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things even though I'm not in my own home with my own kitchen.    This weekend I hit up the farmer's market  and bought lots of delicious things.
 Including beautiful flowers.
And way more strawberries than I needed.  I planned to make jam, but I didn't know how many strawberries I'd really need.  I would have been fine with half as much.
 For dinner I ate this arugula, fava bean and mint salad.
It was a quick healthy meal while I made this.  I'm not sure it set up as thickly as it should have.  May be more like strawberry sauce than jam.  Oh well, it'll be delicious.
I also accomplished one of my resolutions for the year... making sourdough english muffins from scratch.  They were pretty easy.

 And I made fresh strawberry pies to use up the remaining berries.  Lucky co-workers tomorrow.

It was a good weekend.  How was yours?