Saturday, September 22, 2012

Material Goods: Fall Fashion Spree

I had a busy week in which I took two of my professional licensure exams.  This morning I decided that I deserved a bit of a shopping spree.
My job doesn't require flat shoes, because we all have to change into steel toed boots before we go out to the construction sites, but its not really a heels environment because it's too casual.  So I always need flats.  These oxfords are really cute on.  I tried a couple years ago, but didn't really find the tap-shoe pointier toe and less substantial sole to be very flattering.  I'm excited to wear them.
Do you wear perfume?  I go through perfume phases, and right now I'm in one.  I'm a pretty loyal Thierry Mugler Angel fan.  Its the only perfume that someone tried to spray on me at a department store that actually made me stop and come back for another sniff.  Its a strong scent, so I tend to reserve it for special occasions.  For daily use I switch it up a little.  My mainstay is L'Occitane Jasmine Green Tea.  I bought a Tocca Violette fragrance a couple weeks ago.  And although I've been an Guerlain Aqua Allegoria fan for years, but I've never actually pulled the trigger and bought one before.  I chose Pamplelune today, but they all smell good.
Next up was makeup.  Red, rose and plum.  They all seem like darker fall shades here, but they go on sheer.  Pretty, pretty.
And finally, I love this shirt.  The fit is perfect on.  Tailored and relaxed all at once.  Kind of a crazy print, but it looks on.  And, it's a really light weight cotton, which is perfect for this climate.  I wish the other colors/prints had been as good.  I would have bought multiples for a winter uniform.

What have you bought lately?