Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Edition: Wrapping Up Summer Projects

Remember this dress I purchased back in July as part of a big vintage haul?  Vintage 80's drop waist that needed a complete overhaul to work for my body type in 2010.  It's silk, and I really liked the intense red and fuschia floral pattern.  Obviously I thought I could make something wearable out of it.  I cut off the skirt, removed the sash, turned it front to back and deepened the yoke, removed the shoulder pads and narrowed the shoulders, and voilá, it's a long tunic blouse that can be cinched at the waist.  Much, much better.
Sorry for the grainy mirror photos, its impossible to take a good outfit shot in my house, which is why I never post my outfits.
So much better, don't you think?

I also finally made mozzerella this weekend.  I hadn't done it since last fall, when I made several pizzas to use up random garden harvest ingredients.  I had a problem with the rennet being old, at least I think that was the problem, and the curds didn't set up like they were supposed to.  I had to drain it through cheese cloth, and the process took about an hour and a half longer than it should have.  In the end, the mozzerella was delicious though, and the pizza even better.  There were a lot of toppings, a true garden variety.  The best was roasted eggplant that I marinated in olive oil and white balsamic vinegar and rosemary before throwing on the pizza.  I love roasted eggplant.
Garden pizza, pre-oven.
Roasted & marinated eggplant, black olives, red peppers, garlic, basil, and homemade mozzeralla and asiago cheese.
Did you make anything delicious this weekend?


  1. This shirt is AMAZING! I still can't believe you transformed it from that crazy '80s dress. So impressed with you.

  2. Thanks, this was probably the most elaborate tailoring job I've ever taken on. I'm really pleased with it myself. Also, in general thrifting clothes and updating them is far more creatively satisfying than buying them new. Super fun.