Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Out for the Day: Guest Posting at The Marion House Book

I'm guest posting at one of my favorite blogs today, The Marion House Book!  Emma is a designer in Toronto with one of the best real-life houses on the web.  Its a Victorian that's filled with modern furnishings and cool art.  She's got spot-on good taste, takes her own photos, and styles them perfectly.  Her blog is almost exclusively original content, which I love, and her comments section is always an interesting read.  Plus, she actually responds to commenters!  Love that.  She can pretty much do no wrong, so if you aren't reading her blog already, you should start.  Seriously, she's trained as a chef, so her food posts are awesome.  She apparently lives in the coolest neighborhood ever, if you can judge from her Hello! Neighbour series.  She can make discussions on grey paint interesting.

I'm flattered to be guest posting for her while she's on vacation.  What are you waiting for?  Check it out here.  Want to see other rooms that I've virtually redecorated for friends/family?  Check here and here.  It seems that I've forgotten to post a couple others.  Perhaps another post soon.


  1. Thanks for the glowing review! You make me blush...honestly I do it because I love it. It's the only creative thing I do in my life specifically for me. I'm so happy to have you guest posting! Thanks again, Sasha!

  2. No problem, it was fun! And I mean every word. I really like your aesthetic.