Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More, more

As I predicted I can't stop with the virtual decorating.  I'm one of those people with a internal catalog of items that I want to buy in my head.  I try to save images to wishlist folders to help remember them later, but when I really like a piece of furniture, I almost never forget it anyway. This is a great way to play with all of the pieces that I've like individually and see how they go together.  Its also a great way to get a cost estimate since I'm trying to catalog prices as I go.

Here are the boards that I've done for my own and my mom's bedrooms.  I'm totally enamored with the grey version for my mom, and might just steal it for myself.  It's not that different from the grey version for my room, just a little edgier with the arty light, the graffiti photo, and the Toto cube lamp.

Next up I want to do my mom's living room/kitchen, and a couple of patios.

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