Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fun: Fall Flowers

I'm still feeling under the weather and it's overcast and cool here today, which means that I'm planning not to leave the property all day.  In order to bring a little fun into my day, I cut some fall flowers to adorn my kitchen.  The zinnias are in their prime right now, but we're bound to get a frost soon, so I figured I'd better cut some before it's too late.  The red spikes are from the pineapple sage.  Edible leaves and great fall flowers?  Plant some soon!  This bouquet, along with comforting leftovers made my lunch as fun as possible.

In keeping with the floral theme, I bought this blue floral cape on Wednesday at Savers.  I kind of love it, even though capes are difficult to wear.  Take it from Garance Doré, she recently wrote about her cape dilemma.  

So yeah, like it in theory, but in practice capes are a bit awkward for arms and bags.  And this upholstery fabric in a shapeless cut?  Probably not the most flattering.  Overall I really like it, but what could one wear with it?  I'm thinking this dress underneath would be perfect, if I had a wedding to attend soon.  I don't.
Matilija velvet burnout dress, $188.

And those J.Crew red shoes that I've posted about before could look awesome with skinny jeans, this cape, and red lipstick, right?

J.Crew Coddington suede platform pump in Dusk Red, $228.
Anyway, for the rest of the day I'm going to stay inside, drink lots of tea, and deconstruct some other vintage finds that have been awaiting my attention.  Have a good weekend!

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