Thursday, October 14, 2010

Favorite Books: John S. Goodall picture books

I've had children's books on my mind lately because I'm trying to put together a selection of some of the my old favorites to give to my best friend for her new baby.  I'm a book lover, for certain, and I've kept quite a few of my old books.  In honor of October being National Book Month, I thought I'd post about some of them throughout the rest of the month.  I'm going to start with children's books.  You'll quickly see a theme as the days pass-- highly detailed illustrations!

I have at least three of these small picture books by John S. Goodall.  They had absolutely no words, which allowed you to narrate your own story.  The full size pages alternated with half pages, so that as you turned the smaller pages the action of the story unfolded. 

Paddy Pork sets off on his adventure...
... he doesn't get far without needing a rest.  That's one fat pig thinks the little rabbit.

In this book Nancy, an Edwardian mouse, must take part in her older sister's wedding, and Nancy misbehaves throughout the entire day.  I particularly like the detail of the nervous groom, shaking away at the altar.

Paddy Pork's Holiday ©1976,  and Naughty Nancy, ©1975, both by John S. Goodall, A Margaret K. McElderry Book, Atheneum, New York.

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