Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fun: Mistakes

This morning I logged onto the J.Crew site to check out sweater options.  My favorite cardigan is worn so thin that its become see through.  Not so good.  The image above came up on the screen and I swear, I thought that someone had hacked the J.Crew site and photoshopped hairy legs onto this poor model.  Really hairy legs.  I laughed out loud.  Its funny isn't it?  Then I figured out that its greige lace tights.  Yeah, not flattering.  So ladies, just a little note of warning, if you are the type to be tempted by lace tights this season, think twice.  If you really just can't say no, choose the black.  Unless you want everyone to think you haven't shaved your legs in years.  Bigger photo below should clear things up, but it still looks bad to me.

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