Saturday, July 10, 2010

Retail Therapy: Wear in Good Health

On Friday morning I stopped at a couple of thrift stores and had one of those bountiful days where everything was in excellent condition and fit well.  A couple of pieces are perfect just as they are, but the others will need a little modification.  

This black dress is a too long for it's super conservative neckline, so my plan is to shorten it.  Or perhaps remove the slip and replace it with something that has a deeper scoop neck.  

This blue and white embroidered tunic is amazing.  Perfect for summer, it's making me want a Mediterranean Island vacation asap.

This silk dress needs some modification for sure!  80's shoulder pads are out of control, but the sash around the drop waist and the rich colors are saying it can be modified into a blouse pretty easily.

This is polyester, not silk, but the fabric hangs nicely and the robe has a swooshy drama that has made me reconsider my first instinct to shorten it.  It has pockets too, which is always a plus.

Last but not least, this classic trench coat has allowed me to check off an item that has been on my thrift list for a few years.  I have other vintage trenches, but they had more of a 60s feel that was never quite what I was looking for.  This one has the epaulets, reasonable collar size, intact belt and knee length that I've been looking for, and it fits perfectly through the shoulders.  Best $5.00 I've spent in a long time!

Now if only the thrifting spirits could smile my way and send along a mid-century round coffee table...

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  1. I adore the idea of the black lace dress being all about the legs and a great pair of shoes!

    Will you report back and show how each item ends up? I'm intrigued (and skill-less when it comes to sewing). I'd love to see how you transform these pieces!