Saturday, July 24, 2010

Retail Therapy: Thrifted

Why is thrifting so cyclical?  I used to find a nice coat every time I went to Savers,  but now it seems to be all about housewares for me, and particularly wool blankets.  I've found three nice wool blankets at Savers in the past few months.  This yellow blanket is headed to my mom's house come winter, while this peachy blanket will perfectly fit with my new color scheme.  The third blanket is a lovely off white with one yellow and one brown stripe.  Not pictured because I bought it several months ago, and it's already been put into storage for the summer.  No need for wool blankets in our current climate.  That being said, we've actually had a lovely overcast and quite cool day today.  May tomorrow be the same!

This tray was the third item I found at Savers last week.  I'm not usually a floral person, but I like it.

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