Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Edition: Garden Growth

I didn't do too much gardening this weekend due to the swarms of mosquitos that took over the yard last week.  (Seriously, I look like I just got over the chicken pox, I've got so many welts on my arms and legs).  Just a little weeding and regular watering.  I was extremely excited to see that the green beans are finally blooming.  The vines had already climbed to the top of the trellis and I'd started to resign myself to the fact that they might just add greenery to the garden this year and no produce.  I can't wait to eat beans from the garden.  We also have an eggplant well on its way, and there are lots of green tomatoes in the back garden that so far seem to be developing nicely.  While I think the garden is healthy so far this year, we've had very little to show for it.  Our long cold spring delayed planting and was followed by a solid week of 100 degree temps that fried a lot of the little seedlings.  Luckily we don't get hard frosts until October here (usually) so there is plenty of time for everything to catch up.  Go veggies, go!


  1. That eggplant is gorgeous! And what is that pretty white and purple flower in the first picture? Beans? Or part of the eggplant?

    We live in an apartment right now but I am dying for a little yard! The next move there must be a little patch of land!

  2. It's a Chinese long green bean flower. We have regular green beans too, and they are flowering, but a slightly plainer flower.

    You could look for a community garden plot to tide you over until you get that yard!