Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mid-week Malaise

I'm feeling sleepy today and no amount of caffeine seems to be helping. So far I've had a huge mug of chai, a huge mug of coffee, and a huge mug of strong black tea. I have reached the point where I'm not wanting to go back to bed and nap, but I'm certainly not feeling 100%.  In an attempt to get myself going I've tried both indoor and outdoor tasks on my to-do list. You know how sometimes you just need some fresh air and physical activity to wake up? Yeah, it didn't work.  It did get more mulch spread in the kitchen garden, and another coat of spray paint on those shelves that are taking forever to finish, so at least it wasn't a wasted effort.

Mulch going down in the kitchen garden.

Also, Blogger doesn't want to let me add photos today using the updated editor.  Grr.  After trying and failing to get it to work, even after visiting the help forums this morning, I finally tricked it by reverting to the old editor, adding photos, then switching back to the new editor so that I could add captions and make them as large as I like.  Really annoying Blogger.  I definitely see the appeal of switching to Wordpress.  

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