Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun: Fashion Sensibility

This is my first grade school picture.  I was wearing a brown and blue liberty print dress, which was pretty awesome in retrospect, but a year or so after it was taken I thought this was the most boring outfit ever, and felt the need to embellish each remaining copy with glitter.  It makes me laugh, because I think it pretty much sums up my personality to this day.  A fairly boring dresser most days, occasionally I like to really wear something crazy.  I came across the picture in some box as I was clearing out my office last year and its been clipped to my frig ever since.  This afternoon when I was thinking that I should do a Friday Fun post it's glitter surface caught my eye.

What aspects of your style have followed you throughout your life?


  1. Sasha, this is the most fantastic picture ever. I miss you!

  2. Ah, thanks Maggie. I was just thinking of you recently because Tawny was in DC for the ASLA conference, and I was wishing I could have gone along to hang out with you!

  3. Hilarious! I absolutely love it. I'm actually a pretty boring dresser as well. Comfort rules for me...sneakers or flat shoes rarely heels. I honestly don't know how people wear heels everyday.
    And classic colours - navy, white black grey. Very ho-hum!