Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Edition: Fall Gardening Tasks

Nothing very exciting happened this weekend.  It was mostly putting up food for the winter-- more refrigerator dills, more green chile roasting, making and freezing pesto, and making an freezing tomatillo salsa.  There was also brunch with friends at Café Green downtown.  I had veggie crepes and my friends both had the Dutch baby pancake.  Delicious.

What I failed to do was actually pick anything from the garden.  Oops.  That resulted in this giant zucchini that I picked this morning.  Same old same old on the harvest front.  Not complaining though, look at all those tomatoes!  And the sunflowers!

And yes, I take most of my food photos on the top of the wash machine at my mom's house.  It's not sexy certainly, but its the only plain surface with dependably bright natural light.  I had to cover the supply pipes with a cloth because that was just too ugly!


  1. Those flowers are beauuuutiful! I just planted my first garden this weekend! I'm hoping my seeds work! I'm actually a little nervous!

  2. Gorgeous! I hear ya on the washer... my best photo surface is my bare-bones Ikea Expedit. White and bright wins every time for photos.