Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crafty Rabbit

Here is a picture of the finished rabbit. It turned out very cute. I spent so much time carrying it around, sewing one little piece or the other last week, that I felt a little guilty stuffing it into the box below. It was a tight fit but he survived just fine and was well received.

The guests were also asked to make a page for a memory book, and this was my contribution. My printer is old and out of ink, so I had to hand draw it. I added color to the border after taking this pic, which made it look better. And I must have Valentine's Day on the brain, because there were hearts all over the place.

It was a very fun shower, no dumb games, just a bunch of people hanging out,catching up and eating delicious food. It started snowing about halfway through, so our drive back down to Albuquerque was through a storm. It was beautiful and rather dramatic. All in all a good day.


  1. I'm so impressed - this little guy is perfect! Not in a year of trying could I pull this off.

  2. I guarantee that you could-- my sewing skills are pretty basic and I hand sewed the entire thing because it was too small for me to maneuver on the sewing machine. I actually thought of you when I was making it, because I already have a version in mind for you when you decide to have a baby.

  3. I'm dying over that adorable memory page. It's so incredibly beautiful!

  4. The rabbit turned out so cute. That is such a good shower gift idea.

  5. Your stuffed rabbit creation is fantastic and so are the box and card! I've always felt that gifts made from scratch make for the best memories and are the most heartfelt.