Thursday, February 18, 2010

Garden Update: Signs of Spring

Inspired this morning by these lovely photos over at Quaint Living, of an English garden in winter, I set out to see what signs of spring I could find in my own garden.


Buds on an apple tree.

Flowering quince.

Lots of buds on the apricot trees planted last Fall.

Dried garlic chive seed heads in the back vegetable garden.

That horse on the right is my favorite of the neighbors' horses. He's small and has the look of a donkey about him. I'm not sure exactly what I mean by that, but I think its his coat, both the color and the texture. He's a sweet horse too, while that red horse on the left is pushy and likes to nip the others. They come to the fence whenever they see humans in our yard because my mom is in the habit of feeding them a piece of winter apple, or early weeds that are popping their heads up. They love it since there isn't a speck of plant life growing in their paddock.

Also, if you have a love for Italy, and want some inspiration go check out Alice's post from her recent weekend in Rome over on her blog. It will make you want to sell everything you own and travel there immediately.

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