Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Late Night Inspiration: Stephan Hamel's House in Tuscany

Well okay, its not that late, only 11:15.  But I should be sleeping since I have to get up early and go to work tomorrow.  I just found these photos from Vogue Living Australia Nov/Dec 2010 issue online, and wanted to repost them.  I stopped at Barnes & Noble this afternoon when I was in the neighborhood running errands, and this issue was still on the shelves.  I LOVED this house, but didn't want to shell out the $10 cover price for an imported magazine.  I thought it would be easier to find the photos online, but it actually wasn't.  Thus I'm going to re-post them so others can enjoy them too.  I found them here.

Why do I love this home?  Its kind of cluttered and has a few too many objects that just scream 80s to me.  I think there is an object that I hate in almost every photo, but there is also something I love in every photo.  I really like the colorful nature of just about everything. The beamed ceilings, brick/tile floors, and bright light are all relatable to NM houses.  And I like that there are so many of those crazy contemporary furniture pieces that are really more theoretical than practical, actually in use in the house.  Ultimately it looks lived in, and lived in by interesting people.

I think what I really love about looking into other people's homes is seeing their personalities come through.  I don't believe in a perfect space.  Personalization is a vital part of human nature, and its why interiors that look too highly stylized or spartan just don't read as authentic to me.  Give me a crazy Italian retreat any day.

How about you?  Any crazy houses that you really love?


  1. ohhh I love that bright floral rug in the 3rd picture!

  2. Thanks for the blog post! Thought you might like to know we've reposted this house as an album on our facebook page - please feel free to stop by!

    ~Team Vogue Living