Friday, March 4, 2011

Garden Inspiration: Jinny Blom in Garden Design Magazine

A Jinny Blom garden at Corrours Estate in Scotland.  Seriously, I want to be there right now.  That grey sky reflected in the glass wall?  The Wegner loveseat and Eames spool table?  Tuck up your feet, lean back and stare out the window at those grasses undulating in the wind.  You can just imagine it perfectly can't you?

This image is in the current Garden Design Magazine. March/April edition?  It's one of the best things in there, and I was happy to see it.  Garden Design used to be one of my favorite magazines, but it had gotten pretty terrible over the last few years.  Lots of really uninspiring gardens in between those totally staged "parties" where all of the shots were just product placement details and outrageously expensive outdoor kitchens.  Or so it seemed.  Don't want lame entertaining stories in my garden magazines.  It seems as though there is now a new editor, and the magazine is taking a turn back towards an audience of designers and gardeners.  I think I'll start reading again and hope the trend continues.

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