Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Silhouette

At least half the blogs in my blog reader are fashion and style related.  Some are normal small-town-dwelling people who document what they wear each day, most found via browsing the Wardrobe_remix pool on Flickr.  Others are the big-time high fashion bloggers like Garance Doré, The Sartorialist, All The Pretty Birds, etc.  Sometimes the two types of blogs don't seem to have that much to do with one another since one is aspirational, and the other achievable.  I'll certainly never have the clothing resources of the women that populate Garance Dore's world, but they are great for inspiration.  I've had this photo of Giovanna Battaglia in my inspiration folder for at least two years, and it still resonates with me.  I love that dress/coat that looks like a really well cut lab coat.  I think it appeals to the side of me that would like to have a uniform to wear everyday.  But only if it was a really flattering and completely chic uniform. 

After browsing the Modcloth sale the other day, and seeing this coat on sale for $18, I was reminded of my inspiration folder images.  This is how I'd interpret the silhouette for every-day wear.  That cardigan would be worm underneath the coat when it was needed.    The glasses are a pair I'm considering.  The boots I already own and wear more days than not.  The scarf is one of the many colors that look too-beautiful-to-choose-just-one, from Scarf Shop.  The bag I was coveting from J.Crew until it sold out.  The shoes, just look comfortable and tall, a rare combo. (Also sold out).
Winter Work Uniform

Winter Work Uniform by natasyah on

I think these pictures of Valentina Di Pinto also show a variation of this silhouette, and the last photo of her is one that's also been in my file for quite a while because of how good those glasses look on her.  
Via Garance Doré.
Via The Sartorialist. 
Via The Sartorialist.
Do you have a go-to "uniform" for work?  What's it look like?  


  1. My uniform these days consists of comfy workout clothes with hoodie thrown over. The days when I have meetings I have to re-learn how to dress myself properly. Such a sad state!

    These inspiration images are all so you, such a strong look... and your polyvore collage is perfection.

    ps: LOVE your boots.

  2. I love the way that you put these collages together - they're fab.

    I have a very clear work 'look' - it's all about skirts and tops, or dresses. I only have two pairs of trousers for work - I just don't seem to be able to find trousers that both fit me and flatter me.