Monday, August 23, 2010

Scenes from Saturday

I always like those "day in the life" type posts, so here is one from my Saturday.  Be forewarned, it's not exciting-- I barely left the house!

9:00 AM -- Looking for green beans.
9:30 AM -- The day's harvest.
10:00 AM -- Coffee and decorating books in Mom's living room.
11:00 AM -- Frugality.  Hand washing another small oriental rug.  I was agitating the water by stomping on it. 
12:00 PM -- While the rug was soaking I caught up on an episode of Charlie Rose.  That's Bret Easton Ellis discussing his newest novel Imperial Bedrooms, which follows the same protagonist as Less Than Zero, but 25 years later.  Less Than Zero was one of the first rated R movies that I wanted to see in the theater, so I have a sentimental spot for it.  Somehow my friend Sarah and I convinced our moms that it was appropriate for 12 and 13 year olds.  (And compared to movies now it was pretty tame).  I never read the book, but this interview certainly made me curious.  I'm now on the library wait list for both books.
1:00 PM -- Lunch was straight from that garden harvest.  
2:00 PM -- The rug rinsed and drip-drying on a fence.
5:00 PM -- I discovered a stash of posters that decorated my rooms in college and I took them out to the studio so I could pin them all up and see what I had.  I have comments about them all, but I actually think I'm going to do a whole separate post about art, posters, etc.
8:00 PM -- Out for dinner in honor of my uncle's birthday.  This Thai restaurant on the west side has the best spicy Drunken Noodles in town (imho).
9:30 PM -- Embarrassing, but I sort of love the Rachel Zoe Project and never get to watch it since I don't have cable.  When I saw that the Season 3 premiere was on Hulu, I jumped at the chance.  
10:30 PM -- Then for something a little more intellectually redeeming I snuggled up in my favorite chair to read a few chapters.  I've been reading classics that my formal education seemed to have skipped this year-- like Anna Karenina, Robinson Crusoe,  and The Painted Veil.  I did read Wuthering Heights in high school, but got the bug to read it again.  Man, I really didn't remember what a bastard Heathcliff is.  How did this story get the reputation of being a romance?  I've spent the whole time thinking about how nice it would be if he were struck by lightening while out on the moors.

And that was it-- with visions of child abuse dancing in my head it was off to bed.  It was a lovely relaxing day!


  1. Love the post! I should do that one day when I'm up here. (Should have done it yesterday during The Great Plumbing Disaster Adventure).

  2. I love this post! I might copy it when I'm at home alone with the dog this Saturday.

    And I'm coveting that sideboard in your mother's living room.

  3. So jealous of your garden haul ... I can't help but wander what our garden setup will be next year and think big!