Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Interior Inspiration: Mazen El-Abdallah on Canadian House & Home TV

Just saw this episode on the Canadian House & Home site featuring the house of Mazen El-Abdallah of Mazen Studio and thought it was one of the best modern renovations of a Victorian that I've seen.  (Sorry, slightly blurry screen shots... but you should just go watch the segment anyway and forget this post). 


  1. HIs house is the feature story in this month's H&H. Do you get that magazine down there? It's pretty good and required reading around these parts. I also love what he did with his Victorian although I don't have the luxury of eliminating rooms!
    (BTW - I haven't forgot about finding out about the pillow insert my friend used. I'll be seeing her tomorrow and will ask then.)
    Hope you're well!

  2. Emma, the magazine might be available somewhere as an import, but I've never actually seen it. I had followed your link from the post about Suzanne Dimma's cabin and saw that they had online TV and checked it out. Was there ever a finished reveal of Suzanne Dimma's lake house? There were a couple shots from her post about her wedding, but I couldn't find any more which was disappointing. Anyway, back to the Victorian, his elimination of rooms was so genius for his situation and I can only imagine would really appeal to other singles, retirees or couples with no kids if he ever sells it. I read article over the weekend discussing how many people design and decorate their houses solely with resale in mind, and forget about their personal preferences-- this seemed to be the opposite of that fact. Designed for him, but totally appealing to others too. Very elegant. Although he must never cook because that kitchen looks like there isn't a pot or pan or sign of life in it!

  3. That's a great house: I would live there very happily!