Saturday, August 7, 2010

Interior Inspiration: Lori Goldstein

Part of my Great Office Clean-out last year was finally organizing and recycling old magazines that I had kept because something in them inspired me.  I paged through old magazines while I watched movies, and ripped out anything that still kept me interested.  Then I added them to my pile to scan.

These images from stylist Lori Goldstein's weekend house in Amagansett, NY still caught my eye eight years after they were published.  In fact, I know that I saved the magazine for this home.  All images were scanned from the October 2002 issue of Elle Decor.  I didn't note the photographer.  (Bad me, if you happen to know please tell me).
I like the Malm fireplace, the BIG basket of wood, the Moroccan rug, the low lying bed, the casually placed art, and most of all the wall of windows.

The green table, the swing arm lamp, the worn oriental rug, the natural looking bed linens.

Again love the walls of glass, the vertical wood siding, and the boulders-as-steps down into the garden.  Really nice.

I'm posting it today because I saw just realized today that Lori Goldstein is the same woman that Kelly from The Glamourai has featured on her site several times over the past few months.  She put up detail shots that she took in Ms. Goldstein's Chelsea loft up yesterday, and had posted more interiors back in June. (Part I and Part II).

I love to contrast the city and country homes of people.  Here the only thing I noticed in both was a Moroccan rug.  Any sharp eyes detect more?  I also noticed that the house reminded me of another favorite home I posted a few months ago, that of stylist and photographer Anita Calero.  Her home is also a modernist house with wood ceilings and walls of glass located on Long Island.  It has a similar color palette too-- sagey green, lots of brown, and pops of red.  Her city loft is in West Chelsea, and she has the exact same wooden deer head that is shown in the first picture above.  Must have been  a stylist thing ca. 2002?


  1. Oh, I love this place too! Especially the first photo - right up my alley. Wouldn't this be a lovely vacation home. I can even imagine this style inside of one of those Mafco Houses.

  2. Emma-- I'd like to live here year round, forget the vacation! Ditto for the Mafco Houses. There is actually a lot of stuff in it for me, right now I'm craving a kind of spartan vacation home. I think the Kitka Design Toronto cabin sparked it off for me because I recently went back and read their cabin reno archives. The idea of gutting and opening up a space appeals to me. I'd never be so devotedly Scandinavian, though I appreciate it for them.