Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Friday Fun: Trip to the Mountains

On Friday my mom, a friend and myself took a day trip up to the Jemez.  I've been dreaming of a cottage on a lake lately, so some greenery and water was a welcome sight.  This time of year the alpine meadows are at their best, full of flowers and very green.  Take a little virtual trip with me!

The road up to Jemez Springs.
The Guadelupe?  All the rain we've been having puts a lot of sediment in the water!
Fenton Lake.  Forest fire ravaged slope behind.
Mullein and split rail fence.

Untitled from S@sha on Vimeo.

This meadow never fails to provide lots of green and lots of wildflowers.
Lots of bugs too-- butterflies, grasshoppers and mosquitos!
Almost missed this mask sculpture resting on a tree.  Looks like a bear from this angle.
My addition to the mask.  A little tribute.

Jemez Meadow from S@sha on Vimeo.
These thistles were so tall and gorgeous that I didn't realize what they were at first.

And just after this my camera battery died on me.  So our virtual trip to the Jemez is cut short.  You'll miss the red tunnels, sorry about that.  Hope you enjoyed the rest.

Oh, and on the way down we drove past this place.  

Lots of potential for a vacation compound.  The house isn't habitable, but I take that as a good sign.  No one has tried to McMansionize it.  Could make for a nice clean renovation.  Unfortunately the 10 acres of irrigated river front make it totally out of my price range.  Fodder for the dream.


  1. I LOVE the Guadalupe Mountains!

    I saw a horned frog there once (which I didn't think was a real animal-- in my mind TCU had just made it up)!

  2. Meredith-- it was actually the Jemez Mountains about 1.5 hours NW of Albuquerque, there is just a Guadalupe River and mesa that runs through them. The Guadalupe mountains are down by El Paso right? I've never been there, just driven past. It's always gorgeous that far south for sure.

  3. Wow. It's beautiful. I want a little mountain shack to sequester myself away!