Saturday, January 22, 2011

Natural Selections

Emma over at The Marion House blog has a new feature where she's highlighting some of her treasured possessions.  This week she talked about her penchant for picking up rocks and shells and the like when she takes walks.  Since I've been short on time for posting the last few weeks, I thought that I'd show a couple of my own natural collections that are currently adorning my house.
Moss picked up in the mountains and kept alive under a makeshift terrarium, bleached out crawdad claw from the ditch, owl feather (I think) and two pieces of wood with circular woodpecker holes.

Set of rocks with water holes that form a mask.  Found up near Abiquiu on one of our annual Thanksgiving hikes.

Cow vertebrae.  Found in the Jemez on this trip.
(Ugh, that's a really great view of my floors which need refinishing like nobody's business.  They always look dirty, no matter if I just mopped them or not.  So frustrating!)

How about you?  What are your favorite souvenirs from nature?


  1. In my house I think the only thing that would qualify is my very small collection of white pebbles (from NZ), with a few pieces of shell from a beach in Cape Town. Here it is:

  2. Wow, that's restraint Jacq! I have a dish of stones picked up on beaches etc., too. I'm torn about keeping the though, because they are such a pain to dust. I think I need to get cloche-type covers for all collectibles to keep out the dust.

  3. I loved seeing this collection. Your owl feather is beautiful. My husband laughs at me everytime we go outside because I'm always scouring the ground for treasures even in urban Toronto.