Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Things

Just some little things from around the house on a Sunday morning.  I've had these brown bear salt and pepper shakers for years, but this christmas I actually wanted to use them for the first time.  I bought them at an estate sale, I guess back when I lived in St. Paul since they are souvenirs from the Gunflint Trail, which runs from the shore of Lake Superior up into the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area in northern Minnesota.  Now faded and pretty much invisible in the photo below, unless you know it's there, someone wrote Aug '65 on each the bear's feet.  I lived in MN for six years, three each before and after college, and there were great estate sales there.  Estate sales in Albuquerque often suck.  Things are ridiculously overpriced and often not very nice to begin with.  While my style has changed a lot since those years in MN, some of the pieces, like these,  still appeal to me.  

 Yesterday I finally got around to melting the nubs of old candles out of their holders, one of those tedious chores that I always put off.  I ended up with enough wax to re-pour a new candle into this marmalade jar.  Its a cute little kitchen candle now.
In the process the tip of my index finger got coated in wax and I was able to remove it intact, leaving behind a little wax mold.  Its a little weird, but also cool.  Again, I like it.

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  1. Your little wax finger is very cool. I will have to show you a photo of the little ceramic finger my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas. Also kinda creepy but cool.