Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Edition: Soup Making Machine

Last night I proved my ability to multi-task in the kitchen by simultaneously making this Pad Thai for dinner, this Andalusian Cabbage Stew and this Sweet Potato & Sausage Soup to eat throughout the work week, and my weekly loaf of sourdough bread.  The combo of it being dark when I finished and the aforementioned simultaneous dishes means that I don't have a photo of soup for my soup post. Oh well.  Enjoy these baked goods.
This week's sourdough and oatmeal crisps that I made on Saturday.


  1. Do you have an immersion blender? It's totally expanded the different kinds of soups we have at home!

    And OMG those oatmeal crisps look amazing! Will you share the recipe?

  2. No immersion blender. Its one of those things that I wouldn't mind having, but always have something I'd rather spend $80 on. When I need to have a really smooth soup I just use a regular blender, which is a bit tedious, but doable. I'll share the recipe, but it'll take me a few days to get it typed up... probably on the weekend.

  3. How was the sweet potato and sausage soup? I wanted to lick the monitor when I saw the photo!

  4. The sweet potato and sausage soup was really good. Totally recommend it. I got some Spanish chorizo at Ta-Lin (you know the hard, smoke cured kind) but it was kind of pricey, so I also just bought some Mexican style chorizo at the Co-op, and I used both. I ended up liking the Mexican style better, it's spiciness held up better throughout the cooking process.

    The cabbage stew was really good too, although the sherry vinegar really made it-- so I wouldn't try substituting that part.