Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ridiculous Wishlist Item of the Day

OMG, my life and my desires really don't match up. I just saw these shoes on Bluefly. On sale for $509 if you have a magical shoe fairy in your life. Not only could I never afford these, but I couldn't walk in them for more than five minutes thanks to their 4.5" heel. The fact that I can't even leave the property without walking at least 75 feet through dusty, sharp gravel wouldn't leave them looking very nice either. Sigh. Goodbye beautiful but completely impractical Prada shoes.

[edited to add...]

Oh, look! Dolce & Gabbana have solved the walkability problem without sacrificing the jewel. Awesome, except I don't have $397.49 either.

And this Prada sequined slide doesn't suck for a mere $337.49. Walkable, sparkly and green. I don't know why, but that shoe just reminded me that I have been to the (one of??) Prada store in Milan during August sales month, and it was amazing. What with the huge sales and the prices all being in euros, it almost made you believe that it was all affordable.

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