Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not expecting this...

Woke up this morning and was faced with snow upon opening the curtains. Totally took me by surprise. Its still falling a couple hours later, although its not that cold out and its more like rain by the time it hits the ground. Luckily the bulbs are still sheathed and the apricots haven't yet bloomed, so no damage will be done. Living in such a dry climate I can't really complain about any form of moisture, but I really hope that we have another warm sunny day soon!


  1. I just had a mini moment of panic trying to figure out where you live and if that snow would be coming anywhere near Chicago. We hit the mid-50s yesterday and I'm sure I could handle it if we got snow this weekend!

  2. I live in Albuquerque... hate to say it but I think it could swoop right up to the midwest. I'll hope it stays west and hits Minnesota instead!