Monday, March 15, 2010

Renovation: My kitchen (or alternately more embarrassing than cool)

Wow, I thought about not posting these since they really show off all of the dirt (it rained this morning and I have dogs = lots of mud) and the clutter-- you can probably see the shelving sitting on the counter in that first picture that is destined for the wall on either side of those mirrors... well, all of the cookbooks also sitting on the counter have no permanent home until the shelves are up. And in that second picture... all of those pictures leaning against each other will go elsewhere on the walls... but there are a few more plaster repairs & caulking to be done still, so they haven't been painted yet and therefore no permanent picture hanging has occured. The cabinet doors need to be painted and the new drawer pulls attached, eventually the ceiling beams will be widened and sistered together, but that's awaiting the bedroom reno because its going to need the same treatment, and you get the point... a lot of work has been done, but a lot still remains. I decided to post the photos to kick my own ass into gear... I can get the shelving up next week, I can paint and install the drawer pulls. Then in the next round of photos I can style the kitchen up a bit so that it doesn't look like crap, because its actually kind of awesome and deserves to look better in photos!

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  1. Your pictures give me the renovation bug - I love your place! Keep the photos coming...