Saturday, November 21, 2009


I've been watching "5 Films about Christo & Jeanne-Claude," over the last couple of months. Its a 3 disc documentary series made by the Maysles brothers, of Grey Gardens fame. I'm watching the fifth film, "Umbrellas," right now. I particularly recommend the films to anyone who has ever had to take part in a public meeting. The backlash against a public art project is pretty typical, but in these films almost without fail the biggest opponents are crying at the beauty of it once its installed. Which in itself is awesome. It really brings home the point that public art can touch people who may never voluntarily enter a museum. Also awesome are Jeanne-Claude's hair styles and colors. And her constant chain smoking, which she pretty much does at all times except during a Japanese typhoon.

Today was a fitting day to finish the series because I just learned that Jeanne-Claude died on Wednesday. Here's to you Jeanne-Claude.

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  1. I was so sad reading her obituary before leaving for NY on Friday and was thinking about the power of their projects. An enormous loss.