Monday, November 9, 2009

DIY Project

This weekend I finished updating the bedside table that I bought at a neighbor's garage sale.

It's not as nice as the inspiration obviously, but it looks lot better than it did. I'm still planning on putting on a mirrored top to break up that blue a little. And honestly, I'm not sure that the blue will look good with my soon to be sewn curtains, so I may end up painting it again. For now though its great and has already improved the bedroom. Before this I was using a Lack side table from IKEA, and its so much better having a drawer.

Things that I've noticed about bedside tables now that I have a real one:

1) There is a lot of storage space in that drawer! What am I supposed to fill it with? I put in a scented drawer liner for a nice little olfactory surprise every time I open it, but otherwise its pretty empty. I guess I could have put all those unattractive paperbacks in there, especially since I'm not actually reading any of them right now.

2) My alarm clock is really ugly! I honestly never paid any attention to it before, but it looks like crap on that table. Need a new attractive alarm clock. Any recommendations?

3) I need fresh flowers! Or maybe some flowering plant like an orchid. There is a ton of space on here and flowers in the bedroom are always a welcome addition. My bedside lamp hangs from above, so I'm not going to fill the top with a lamp. Can you tell clutter is my usual state of existence? I'm freaked out by a clean and empty surface!

So in summary, not perfect, but much better than before and I feel good about turning this project around quickly.

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  1. whoa, this is seriously awesome! i have to do a project like this too....