Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Monday.

So my current work schedule involves Mondays off, which is great because it allows me to catch up on the little things that I'm too busy to get done over the weekend.  Today I got a couple of un-photogenic things done, like finally installing the pull-out trash can under the kitchen sink and prepping one of the raised beds so that peas can go in soon.  Then I did some slightly more photogenic things like getting a couple of gifts boxed up and ready to be sent tomorrow.
Eating leftover Vietnamese soup for lunch outside in the sunshine, with a shelter mag.  Ah, heaven.
And then following it up with this slice of sourdough cake slathered with lemon curd.  
And finally, cutting some flowering quince to force inside.  Yes, that white star is technically a Christmas decoration, but it looks so cool in that monochromatic vignette with the lamp and wall that I've left it out.  
Now its time to finish the day's chores.  You know feed the dogs, wash up the dishes, think about dinner.  Hope you had a sunny and productive Monday too!

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  1. Please post some photos of the quince once it has flowered! Still to early for us to be forcing branches here I think. I have a forsythia in my backyard that I usually force. What should I be looking for in terms of when I can bring it inside? Does it have to do with temperature, dormancy, buds? Kind of clueless!!