Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fun: Snack Time

After a dramatic week due to the weather, it was really nice to have a sunny afternoon at home to bake this mini pie, and to enjoy it a la mode.

And while I waited for it to bake,  I was seduced by the marmalade that Tawny and I made.  When I looked down at my plate I realized that I'd made everything from scratch, the bread, the cheese and the marmalade.  The marmalade is going to have to become a yearly tradition, its so delicious.

Most of the U.S. (and Australia, and probably Canada) has experienced dramatic weather this past week.  Ours came in the form of bitter cold, which caused between 25 to 30% of all the people I know to suffer from frozen and/or burst water pipes.  (Yes, I calculated that using the unscientific method of using my workplace as typical).  Then the state started running out of natural gas, which meant that some towns were without it altogether, leaving many with no heat.  Thank goodness we're having a little reprieve today.  Lessons learned?  Marry a plumber, they are flush this month, and invest in solar.

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