Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Edition: Memorial Day

The aforementioned croissant and pain au chocolat.  The batch in the afternoon worked out much better than the morning.  (More proofing).  Definitely learned a thing or two, so I'll improve them with more practice.

I baked early on Sunday morning so that the house would cool off again before the temp outside got too high.  Rosemary olive oil cake from 101 Cookbooks and lemon lavender cookies based on a basic vanilla refrigerator cookie from the Joy of Cooking (their recipe plus the zest of one small lemon and a teaspoon of ground lavender).  I was curious about olive oil cakes because I kept reading about them over the winter on various food blogs.  The cake turned out perfectly, and tastes great.  Good crumb and nice and moist.  Definitely has an olive oil and rosemary flavor.  I think it would be a good recipe to tweak by replacing the rosemary with lemon peel, or lemon verbena or both since I've never had a cake that was too lemony.  Lemon cakes are my all time favorite.

Besides baking, there was a lot of gardening to be done.  We're still preparing the beds, and so every vegetable is going in only as we finish prepping a row.  The garlic, which was planted last fall, had produced scapes and I picked them to cook somehow.  Anyone have a good garlic scape recipe?  Last year I made the garlic scape soup from 101 Cookbooks (my fallback favorite recipe site), but I was underwhelmed by it.  Anyway, aren't the scapes amazingly curly?  I could slip my wrist through and wear them as bracelets all the way back to the house.

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