Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Directive: Hire an Architect.

photos by Anthony Cotsifas for T Magazine, June 30, 2010

This modernist house post from the New York Times T Magazine just popped up in my reader a few minutes ago.  It's a weekend home for NY based creative director Sara Rotman, and was designed by David Mann to be entirely off-the-grid.  The slideshow didn't particularly inspire me, but the video did.  Lovely views of the house, nice music, and a charming dialogue between client and architect.

So, if you are building or remodeling, seriously, hire an architect.  Your house will be better for it and they all need work right now.

(Also, I chose the photo on the lower right to ask the question, what is up with that little silver pig showing up everywhere?  Did you see it here on Monday?)

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  1. You're right, such a lovely video. What IS up with that pig? Hmmm....