Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was very excited to see this video this morning (via Studio G), as the monograph about Fernando Caruncho has been my main inspiration for my property since I first came across it. Granted, I'm not in the league of the Spanish aristocracy that Caruncho designs for, but one can dream.  In particular I love the trellises made from rebar that you can see in a couple of the projects featured.  (Totally adaptable to a non-aristocratic budget).  I also really love the garden shown at the end, where agriculture is the key  component to a highly designed landscape.  Where I live most agricultural fields are planted with alfalfa, not wheat, which doesn't give as strong an auditory component, which I love.  It does move in the wind the same way.   My site plan is based on combining agricultural elements such as an orchard with courtyards and a meadow for outdoor recreation.  New Mexico shares a lot in common with Spain, such as strong light, intensely hot summers, and a centuries old irrigation system for agriculture.    

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