Friday, April 24, 2009

Perfect house inspiration

Stephanie at even*cleveland linked to this Sotheby's property in San Francisco which may be the best all around inspiration house I've found.  I love the garden and am wondering if the classical elements (terrace walls, half-round steps) are old or new?  I'm guessing new, at least the steps because the stones look like they are the kind from Home Depot designed to make retaining walls-- though the concrete walls could go either way-- pouring those walls now would be really expensive-- in 1907, not so much.  It seems in character too, as the bathroom is gorgeous, but definitely using off-the-rack tiles, which is cool. (Or at least tiles that you could easily copy using off-the-rack-- also, that hospital curtain system for the shower? Awesome).  Even the windows and doors look like easy to find varieties.  (And they are exactly what I've been considering for my house, so its particularly nice to see them in action).  Overall I love it.  

I've been neglecting this blog (and during it's infancy, shame on me!), but its only because I've been wanting to post things in a certain order-- i.e. chronological-- and my horrible "before" photos and the properties base plan, are all stuck on an old computer that I can't remember the password for.  I need to take it in to get the data salvaged, but it just hasn't been high on my list of priorities.   

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