Saturday, August 18, 2012

Recent Inspiration

I haven't been terribly inspired by much online lately.  A few images here and there.  I'm sure its partially my own fault because I haven't really been looking in any concentrated way and partly because everyone seems more into Instagram postings than blog posts these days.  I'm guilty of it myself.  Instagram is so fast, most of the photos are original and posts are sort of in real-time.  Its appealing, but the downside is that the images are tiny, you can't zoom in for a closer look, and the platform isn't about imparting details.  I find most of the online and boutique magazines similar.  Pretty photographs but few details and no articles to speak of.  Magazines used to have a variety of columns, not just the brief prose that accompanies the main photo spreads.  Where did the writers go?  I'd like both please.  Anyone have any recommendations?

A few images over the last few months have inspired me though and they are both kind of out of character for me-- monochromatic.  I can't get this living room out of my head from Shareen Joel's beach house, discovered via The Marion House Book's pintrest.
And this product shot from the Justin Timberlake / Estee Stanley collaboration for Homemint.

I misinterpreted the caption thinking that the headboard was black linen, which inspired me to start planning a DIY.   I'm rethinking my Albuquerque bedroom to go black and white. 

What's inspiring you lately?

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