Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Kitchen Progress

I try to get some small home project done whenever I visit Albuquerque.  Last October I painted my living room.  This last trip I started painting my kitchen cabinets.  The color is Benjamin Moore Van Deusen blue.  It turned a little greyer as it dried.
Before and during.  No after pictures yet, but its getting there, little by little.  I plan to have very limited upper cabinets, one in the corner there above the microwave and one above the refrigerator, which is just out of frame on the left.  They won't be painted blue, but I haven't quite decided what they'll look like.  If I reuse one of the old cabinets I'll probably paint them to match the wall color, but I also might just buy a couple of new cabinets.  Like I said, little by little.  I also keep changing my mind on the backsplash.  Right now I'm favoring this:
Blue and white talavera tiles in "Harlequin" pattern, which allows for a zig zag pattern.  I don't want to over-kill on the blue, so I'm also considering a brown color way... or green, or yellow...

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