Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apartment Files: Storage Improvements

As anyone who lives in a small place knows staying on top of clutter is the key to a happy life.  And probably being a minimalist by nature is the real secret.  However, I am not a minimalist.  I like to collect things and I want to be comfortable.  If I go for a hike, I come back with cool rocks.  If I go to the beach it's impossible not to pick up a shell or two.  If I go to a thrift store, I buy dessert plates.   I LIKE THINGS!!  So small space storage is going to be the key to my happiness as long as I'm living in a 450 SF apartment.  To this end I've made the following improvements recently.

In the living room, I upgraded my TV cabinet from a borrowed cast-off nightstand to this pair of IKEA PS Cabinets, with locking doors.  Perfect for when the little wandering toddler comes to visit. 

And in the bedroom I finally got a dresser.  I had the following three choices:
This lovely set of Danish dressers for $1200 (identical, only one pictured).  Beautiful, and not a bad deal for a pair of dressers.  However, more than I wanted to spend right now, and I don't really have room for a pair.
This Art Deco highboy for $375.  Actually really liked this, but I have some other pieces of 30s furniture in Albuquerque that I like, but don't love in the overall context of my home.  In the end I went with something cheaper.  Kind of regret it though when looking at this photo.  You are so pretty Art Deco dresser.

This is what I ended up with, a blondish no-name mid-century dresser which needs some refinishing.  I like the shape, but not the yellow-y finish.   The decision was made because this dresser was big, located 10 minutes from my house, and under $100.  I don't love it, but it'll do for now. 

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  1. Really nice to see you posting now and again (unlike myself), and even a bit motivating as I declutter and reinvent my own digs. Thanks for sharing!