Saturday, August 20, 2011


My living room is starting to come together, but it's missing all of those little things like cord management, and a decent pot for my fig tree.  I also need to mount a picture ledge or something above the couch.  I kind of like the mirror leaning on the side table, but the ebay painting is lost back there in the corner. It definitely needs to hang above the couch, and needs a new frame.  The pendant needs to actually hang from the ceiling too, not the curtain rod.  I still haven't actually turned the purple ikat fabric into pillows, etc. etc. etc.  Like I said before, summer is distracting.
While the living room is coming together, the bedroom is another story.  It needs attention. 
I need completely different bedding and have been looking for inspiration with some red in it, and coming up short.  Then I went and bought this rug from One Kings Lane completely on a whim.  
Blue!  But I love it, so I'm going with it.  Now the red will just be more subtle, to balance out the blue.  And those curtains definitely may have to go into storage.  I've actually already received the rug, but I hurt my back last weekend when my mom was visiting, and have been waiting for it to heal before dragging it around and moving furniture.  My mom also brought me these goat skin rugs that I bought at an estate sale a few years ago, and their layering properties have already drastically improved the bedroom.  I promise photos as soon as I get the new items in place.

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  1. That is one stunning rug! I haven't been here in awhile so it was nice to see all of the changes you have made. Your apartment is looking amazing! I love your fig tree (of course!) and I'm jealous of how well it will do in sunny California. Perhaps, I could send mine out for a winter vacation.