Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apartment Progress: Layering in the Bedroom

Okay, this morning with my back feeling better and my house-sitting duties complete, I finally got around to laying down the new rug in the bedroom.   Wrestling that mattress on and off the frame was rough, but necessary.  I really like the large-scale ikat pattern. 
 I have some new bedding on the way, but for now I just added a piece of ikat fabric that I've been meaning to sew into pillow covers atop my charcoal sheets.  Next to the bed, I layered two goat-skin rugs that I bought a few years ago at an estate sale.
I have an idea for artwork above the bed, and a plan to alter the bedside table because its wood is not actually in the best shape.  I also have a plan for a second bedside table and a little more storage.  But for today, it's enough and I'm happy with the changes.  Now, because its really hot here, I plan to hide inside with the A/C for the afternoon and catch up some reading.  Inspiration here I come!
So what do you think?  Can I work a little red into the bedroom?

1 comment:

  1. I really like red and blue together, and I love that new rug!