Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Little Life Update

Okay blog friends, thanks for sticking it out with me.  I know I've been the worst blogger ever for the last two months.  Well, not even true, since essentially I haven't been a blogger.  Picking up and moving with a week's notice was basically crazy.  Staying with friends for six weeks was crazy too.  Well, actually it was really easy since those friends are super generous and chill.  Starting a new, kind of weird job, was pretty nuts too.   But things should settle down a little now because I've rented an apartment!  It should also give me fodder to blog about because this is what it looks like.

Yes, small and totally empty.  Though the odds are good that my job will last through the end of September, and possible longer, I'm still considering this a temporary move.  So small is good.  Empty... eh.  I've been scanning craigslist on a regular basis, but I'm trying to stick to the plan that I had for my living room in Albuquerque, because ultimately that's where I want everything to end up.  Plus, the natural/modern is totally Californian in my opinion so its appropriate here.  The wall color, the tile and the cabinets?  All pretty standard new construction suburbia.  Not great, but not offensive either.  Hopefully I can work with it.  I am not a yellow or beige person, but the apartment was just painted before I moved in, so asking to change it is something I'm going to wait and see on.  

The big draw of the place?  This location and this view:
(That's a gorgeous river and open space just to the north, and a trail head to the east.)  Awesome.  Plus, its a five minute drive to those friends I was staying with, and an easy commute to work.  (Kind of a miracle in California).

This little private patio is pretty nice too.  The chairs aren't mine, they are gone now, but I do like the pop of blue out there.  

So I have essentially three spaces to work with here; living room, bedroom and patio.  I'll let you know what develops.


  1. This is an amazing view!

    I'm excited to see what you come up with for the new apartment!

  2. Yay Sasha! I've been terrible at writing you back, so we're even ;-)... but I'm really excited to read about your new adventures and how you put that place together!

  3. Clean, with potential. Not always easy to find in California. :) Congrats on the new place!

  4. I'm glad the job is working out enough that you're settling down for awhile. It's hard living out of someone else's home. I'm sure you're happy to have your own space, especially with that view. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the space.