Sunday, May 22, 2011

In anticipation of Memorial Day

There have been a lot of ceremonial activities on and around base as we approach Memorial Day.  Yesterday we went to the beach and happened upon the departure of a Navy hovercraft.  It was really amazingly cool in real life.  This video was shot from almost exactly where we were standing, but it's from last year and by no means does the experience justice.  The most amazing thing about the departure was how fast the hovercraft can move.  Its huge, and it started up really slowly, then wham it inflated and shot backwards into the water.  It was really loud, and still cool in the water because it created it's own mist cloud that would have camouflaged it completely if it didn't make such a racket.

Yeah, so very cool machine, but sobered a bit by thinking about what it was designed for.  Another vehicle that was on display had a sign on it's back that said in English and Arabic, "Stay back 100 ft. or you will be shot."  I just couldn't help thinking that posting a sign isn't a very fair means of communication in countries where most people probably can't read, especially the women and children.  

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