Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Edition: Selections from Palm Desert and San Diego

My weekend-plus in California was full of beautiful scenery, poolside relaxation, hilarious friends, and practically untouched 60s Modernism. In no particular order we enjoyed the wildflowers blooming all over Southern California and especially here at the Balboa Park Cactus Garden,

we sat around a vintage game table to play cards after lounging by the pool most of the day,

visited a xeric park,

we enjoyed light reading and coffee at the pool in the morning,

took in the scenery on the drive from coast to desert,

wet our feet in mossy tide pools,

sat and watched sea lions nap in the sun,

and saw the sun set across the ocean.

Lovely. Many more pictures on flickr. Any of you been to Palm Springs/Palm Desert before?

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