Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Molé Revisited

My tasty lunch on Monday was designed to use up the molé enchilada ingredients. Pinto beans with just a touch of molé added and queso fresco, and quesadillas with goat cheese and more molé as a filling, accompanied by spiced apple cider. Totally simple and spicy. Delicious!


  1. Will you share your molé recipe? Pretty please?!

  2. Hey Maggie,

    I DO NOT make molé from scratch! That would take hours. Seriously, its like a huge process of charring (for black molé that is) many ingredients from bread crumbs to nuts to chiles and fruit, and then blending them together. (As I'm sure you know). Someday I'd love to take the time, but until then I use pre-made molé paste. The paste that I was just using up was actually purchased at one of the market's in the city of Oaxaca and carried back in my mom's suitcase. She's been in Oaxaca again and will be bringing back a new batch, so I felt okay using up my molé stash. Otherwise I hoard it in the freezer because it is so much better than any of the pastes that I can get here. That being said, even the random molé paste that you can buy in a jar at the supermarket is pretty good-- and they make and sell it at the new-ish Pro's Ranch Market-- I need to try it.

    To prepare it from a paste, what I do is dice an onion finely, sauté it in oil, add about a half cup of mole paste and a can of crushed tomatoes, and chicken broth until it reaches a saucy consistency. Then I add in chicken pieces that I've already browned, and simmer for at least an hour. The flavor deepens as it cooks.

    A few years ago I bought my mom and one of her friends a day long cooking class in Oaxaca as their Christmas present. They learned how to make molé and other things and had a great time. Selfishly, I knew they'd have to make molé for me later, and they did. They made it for Thanksgiving to go with the turkey. Awesome. I think regional cooking classes are the best present for people who like to cook. (Longest comment EVER!)

  3. yum, that looks so good!
    toasty, spicy foods are the best in the winter.
    (and thank you thank you for commenting this totally made me feel more cheerful--glad to know i have you as a reader!)