Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Wishlist

This afternoon is my last day teaching for the semester. All that's left now is getting together this afternoon to grade the final studio project and compile the semester grades. That means next week I can mostly just relax and focus on Christmas! I haven't been buying much this year for financial reasons, and over the last few years my family has segued into giving more charitable contributions at the holidays and fewer material presents, which suits us all fine. There aren't a lot of children in the family just now, and as adults I think we mostly just like to buy our own things, so Christmas as a gift giving engine has ceased to be important. Nonetheless, in the spirit of Christmas I've compiled a list of things that I'd love to own right now.

Banana Republic Morgan sunglasses, $98. I always love how aviators look on other people, but they generally don't look good on me. This pair however looked great when I tried them on at the store. Totally want these.

Anthropologie Spotted Scat scarf (worst marketing name ever?), $30, purple. I saw this scarf in person a couple of weeks ago while shopping for the "something new" portion of a wedding shower gift, and totally fell in love with it for myself. It's not expensive at all, but I put myself on a new clothing shopping ban a few months ago, and have been sticking to it, so even cheap(ish) items will not be bought!
Lucky Brand Deives boot, $187 from Zappos. I've had my eye on these for awhile. They seem pretty perfect-- tall boot shaft, low-ish wedge heel, very versatile. Love.

JCrew Crystal Thornbush earrings, in Chocolate (sold out) Warm Redwood on sale for $39.99. OMG, these are totally impractical for my completely glamour free existence right now, but I want them anyway. Fortunately, they are sold out in the color I wanted, which removes the temptation. I did find a pair on ebay, but Will. Not. Buy!

Andrew Marc leather jacket from Bluefly. $485. This is just flat out of my price range, but I've been looking for a versatile leather jacket, and this one is pretty nice. Transitioning from a job in a fairly lax, but still corporate environment to one in a University or working from home setting has really wreaked havoc with my wardrobe. These days I'm wearing jeans constantly at home, but still need to evoke some semblance of authority when I go in to teach, and the way I like to do so is to wear nice shoes, blouses or jackets with the jeans. Nice, meaning well made, quality materials, etc. That way the individual items might be something that the students would wear, but its just a bit more pulled together. This jacket would be perfect.

There are some tech-y things that I'd love this Christmas too, but I'll keep this post to clothing.

Hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

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